In the hallowed echoes of destiny's whispers, an alternate path reveals itself, shrouded in ethereal mist. With unwavering conviction, an open-source software developer steps forth, their every keystroke resonating with arcane purpose. Into the veiled realms of the uncharted code, their fingers move upon the invisible threads of possibility, shaping a digital landscape of innovation and collaboration.


  1. Template


[SN-0 synthesizer]

[A photo of the SN-0 with blue glowing buttons.]

The structured noise zero is a synthesizer and sequencer tailored to live performance and built for portability.

[Card game]

[A photo of some sketches for a card game, made on paper.]

A work in progress concept for a print and play card game with clever, dynamic mechanics.


[A close-up photo of a keyboard mounted in a grey 3D-printed case.]

A 3D-printed case designed to fit the RPI400's PCB inside, with mounts for a keyboard PCB on top. It's inspired by the concept of a cyberdeck, which is able to serve a minimalist linux desktop experience. This is the first project I've ever made, and I use this device as my daily driver.